Senior Information Security Consultant & CISO

I'm an information security consultant and enterprise solution architect with more of fiveteen years of seniority and senior technical expertise on topics related to design, development and maintenance of enterprise-level information systems. I'm also an IT security auditor. I have a strong interest in the issues of cyber security and data security, especially in the topics of Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001), Business Continuity Management Systems (ISO 22301), Service Management Systems and IT Governance (ISO 20000, ITIL, COBIT), treatment of confidential data and issues related to privacy, risk analysis and treatment mainly on complex and critical infrastructures. I am also interested in Management System planning, implementation and auditing according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 31000 (Risk Management) also in relation with national and international laws and regulations. I'm studying security intelligence through OSINT techniques, with particular focus on the correlation aspects of profiled information.

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