Italian office Director & Head of policy presso The Good Lobby

Analyst and activist. A PhD in Political History, post-doc in Turin and Naples, I've spent most of my professional career in the field of research, studying Political science and recent European history, with a special focus on Italian events. In November 2012 I changed my career path, turning my academic knowledge into action by contributing to causes that promote change. I started working as a political advisor in the nonprofit field, at first at Latte Creative, a communication agency specialized in developing social and political campaigns for NGOs and Institutions. As a political advisor I had the great opportunity to be fully involved in Riparte il futuro, an anticorruption campaign which has become the most successful digital initiative in Italy. Since July 2014 I' ve been working full time at Riparte il futuro, where I'm in charge of Policy Strategies. My role is to analyze the political situation and identify the best strategies to advocate for Riparte il futuro, dealing with institutional affairs, meeting and building relationships with decision makers on a national and international level. Since 2014 I've also been engaged in Restarting the future, a European anticorruption initiative launched by NGOs from different countries. Feeling responsible for the defense of natural landscapes and cultural heritage, I am also a member of the executive board of Italia Nostra, a major Italian NGO which works with environmental and cultural protections.

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